• How do I hire your firm?
  • Will the person I am investigating know that I have hired a private investigator?
  • Can I hire you after I have already hired another private investigation company?
  • This is my first time hiring a private investigator/detective/spy, I do not know where to start?
  • Can you do a fidelity check to "tempt" my partner/spouse/girlfriend/etc. to determine if they will cheat or be unfaithful?
  • How long will it take to conduct the investigation and get information back to me?
  • What is the cost and how can I make payment to your firm for services?
  • What cases do you NOT accept?

Thailand Private Investigator Group (TPIG) is poised to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding about what is happening here in Thailand. Thank you for considering to hire us to conduct an investigation for you. We are here to help.

Contact Us: Send us an email, submit inquiry via our contact us form, contact us by phone or chat using a free app like line, whatsapp, wechat, viber, or skype.

We are here to assist you with your concerns utilizing our deep understanding of Thailand. Contact us today for a no cost consultation to discuss your needs.

Its very unlikely that anyone in Thailand would suspect a private investigator is seeking information on their movements, assets, who they associate with, or any other information. All investigations are conducted discreetly and in some cases when surveillance is not involved, from an office far away from the subject of the investigation. We have developed tactics that allow us to gain information on our subjects without comprising our safety or the entire investigation.

When we need to follow a subject's movements/activities, we do so in a way that ensures we stay concealed and the subject is unaware. To anyone observing, we look just like any other normal person in any particular area. Professional and discreet.

As we work with extreme professionalism and are highly discreet, we ask for you to do the same. Do not mention to anyone, including the subject of the investigation, that you hired us to perform a private investigation. This could jeopardize the investigation and/or put detectives at risk.

Yes, this happens a lot. We receive many inquires from clients whom have hired other firms who did not do a thorough and complete job in their investigation and then contact us to do the investigation properly. Common problems that have been shared with us by our clients about other firms:

- Firms quote a very low price and promise a very high service but deliver a very low service. For example, promise 2, 3, or 4 individuals to do surveillance when in fact they only send 1 person who is untrained. This yields marginal results as the subject of the investigation is often lost, unfollowed, investigator just waits in lobby of hotel taking pictures but never actually follows subject of investigation. Basically, you receive no results but end up paying for the service anyway.. (TPIG believes in honesty and trust. We follow our agreement and typically over deliver for our clients. Our client testimonials attest to our high quality service.)

- Firms give client lots of attention and dedication up until the money is paid and collected. After money is collected, service drops significantly. (TPIG helps our clients from the first contact all the way through the entire investigation and after. We are dedicated to our clients and their investigation goals. Your central point of contact will be our Managing Director whom will provide you guidance, regular status updates, and our detailed conclusions upon completion of the private investigation.)

- Firms deliver low and substandard photos if any at all. (TPIG focuses on obtaining the information you need for your specific goals. Our managing director works directly with you to determine your objectives and goals for your investigation. Those goals are pursued as our own through detailed case work and tactics employed by our trained investigators. We take every opportunity to provide photo, video, audio with a detailed written report that explains what transpired during the investigation.)

We are Thailand's Most Sought After Private Investigation Firm and we look forward to helping you.

For 99.9% of our clients, its also their first time to hire a private investigator. What is important, is that you hire a firm that can listen and understand your needs while also being able to provide you guidance on the best approach forward.

TPIG prides itself in the fact that its utterly important for us to listen to your needs but also provide you relevant experience from the field so that you will understand what is proven to work. Your goals are our goals and with a clear partnership we will be able to develop an investigation plan that achieves your specific goals. This starts with an email or phone call to our managing director who will take time to understand your concerns and then develop a plan forward. He stays involved in your case all the way from beginning to end and is available for you to contact should you have questions at anytime.

This is a possible way to determine the faithfulness of a partner. We will help you understand the pro's and con's with this approach as you determine if its the best one for you. If you would like to discuss possible parameters for an investigation of this type, you are welcome to contact us. If you'd like us to proceed with this strategy, we have completed several fidelity checks with tourists, business persons, and Thai nationals.

After our initial consultation, it takes 10-15 minutes to provide us what we need to get started.

Once you hire us, we start to work on your case immediately. Our managing director will coordinate agents and resources for a briefing of your stated goals then he will stay in close contact with the lead investigator throughout the entire investigation. Most cases are able to be completed in 2-3 days depending on your goals and objectives.

Its difficult to predict when information will be available for your case until we know more about your specific goals for the case. We provide details throughout the investigation through regular updates directly to you.

Each case is different and the timeline for receiving the final information will be discussed during your initial consultation based on your goals. Rest assured, we work in a timely fashion and when we have information about your case it will be shared with you immediately. Our goal is to ensure you have the information you request in the shortest timeframe possible.

All payments are made through a well known secure online credit card processing system. If you prefer to transfer funds through Western Union or another similar service, we can arrange for that as well. Each case is unique with its own unique goals. Once the details of your case are discussed, a cost for the work to be performed will be shared and explained to you in detail.

We do not accept cases that involve police officers, military, politicians, public figures, organized crime, or crime of any sort. We also do not accept cases that would require any of our foreign workers to perform any of the below tasks. These tasks and functions can only be provided by Thai workers.

1. Laborer
2. Farming including looking after livestock, forestry and fisheries (exception: farm manager).
3. Bricklaying, carpentry and other construction tasks.
4. Wood carving.
5. Driving including operating heavy machinery (exception: airline pilot between countries)
6. Selling in shops.
7. Auctioneering.
8. Accounts work (unless it is temporary in nature)
9. Gemstone cutting and polishing.
10. Haircutting, styling or beauty salon work.
11. Weaving cloth by hand.
12. Mat making or making objects from rattan.
13. Making paper from mulberry by hand.
14. Lacquer ware making.
15. Making Thai musical instruments.
16. Making niello ware.
17. Making gold, silver and copper items.
18. Stone engraving.
19. Making Thai dolls.
20. Mattress or quilt making.
21. Making monks' alms bowls.
22. Silk work by hand.
23. Fashioning Buddhist images.
24. Knife making.
25. Umbrella making using either paper or material.
26. Shoes making.
27. Hat making.
28. Acting as an agent or representative (except in contact with foreign companies)
29. Civil engineering work including design, quantity surveying, organization, research, testing, looking after the progress of work, and giving advice (exception: specialist work)
30. Various work and duties of an architect including producing blueprints.
31. Making accessories for body adornment.
32. Pottery.
33. Rolling cigarettes by hand.
34. Acting as a guide or tour organizer.
35. Carrying goods around for sale.
36. Thai language printing.
37. Silk weaving.
38. Acting as a clerk or secretary.
39. Legal work and handling lawsuits.