Our private investigation firm has earned the distinction of being Thailand's most sought after private investigation firm. Client's choose us because we approach each and every case with a personal and human touch.

We believe that our clients deserve:
  • to be listened to with understanding
  • provided honest advice of how to address their concerns with private investigation
  • discretion
  • professionalism
  • and to have all our company's resources enlisted to bring the facts and truth to you.

    1.) Honesty & Integrity

    There is nothing more important than gathering and reporting the honest facts with the upmost integrity

    2.) Discreet Professionalism

    Professionalism and ensuring we are discreet will never be compromised.

    3.) Resource Utilization

    We are dedicated to ensuring we utilize all available resources to accomplish your goals of obtaining the facts.

    Our founding principle is that "you deserve to know the truth"

    If you are seeking a highly professional private investigation firm that can assist you in addressing your concerns, our firm is here to help you.

    We have helped clients across the globe with private investigations services in Thailand and beyond. Its typical for our clients to reside in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Britain-England, Canada, India, China, Thailand, and just about every other location around the world.

    We conduct investigations primarily in Thailand, because we believe in order to do something and do it well, you need to be an "expert" and we are "experts in Thailand". We specialize in investigations within the Kingdom of Thailand. When needed, we have provided investigation services in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other parts of Asia as the needs of each case require work in a surrounding country.

    If there is something you want to know, we can find it!

    And...if you want to confirm something IS NOT happening, we can do that for you as well. We work from offices located in Bangkok and Chiang Mai while having dedicated and experienced investigators located in and around all parts of Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Rai, and many other areas within Thailand.).

    We take enormous pride to ensure that we have the experience and resources to help you gain the facts. Our managing director, with over 20 years of experience, oversees every case no matter how big or small. He ensures that all angles and resources are brought forward to meet your goals. He has a personal interest in ensuring each case receives the highest visibility so he will be your point of contact through the listen, provide advice and provide updates on the status of the investigation. No need to call into a receptionist, that connects you to an employee, that reaches a manager, than to our managing director.

    Our managing director will answer your first phone call and work with you throughout the entire process of learning how private investigation services can help you, to engaging our company, to providing regular updates, and to the completion of your case. You will have a single point of contact that cares about helping you.

    Due to Thailand being filled with mostly Thai people, the vast majority of our staff are dedicated Thais who are located throughout Thailand. Thais blend into the local surroundings better and are more easily able to obtain the needed information for each private investigation. They are discreet, professional, and trustworthy. Our foreign national investigators are occasionally utilized in specific situations including management of each case, undercover investigations, and other needs as a case evolves.

    You can rest assured we are dedicated to you and your goals of obtaining the required information to make important decisions that matter to you. We are eager to help you gain the facts and peace of mind. Contact us today for a no cost consultation regarding the investigation you are considering.

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